Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Georgia on my mind

There is a very in-depth look at the Caucasus region, especially Georgia, in Le Monde Diplomatique that is really worth reading in order to get a better perspective on the situation in the Caucasus. In the US press, Georgia has been lauded for its "Rose Revolution" and the other Caucasian regions have been encouraged to look at Georgia as the example to follow. This article is a bit more critical in its analysis of what role Georgia is playing in the Caucasus and the potential for even further chaos in the region.

Shevardnadze who?For more on the oil-rich Caucasus, check out "Tomgram: Michael Klare on oil wars and the American military" by the Hampshire College professor and author Michael Klare, published on October 7 on the website (a project of the Nation Institute).

And a September article, titled "Oil rivalry, strife afflict the Caucasus,"
originally published in People's Weekly World, the newspaper of the Communist Party, USA, and republished on the website of the Kyrgyzstan News Agency (AKIpress).

And more plaudits for Georgia from the United States (FYI: "The following is an editorial reflecting the views of the United States Government"): "UNITED AGAINST TERRORISM."
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