Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Facial Hair In The News

Check out this amazing mustache! That's really what drew me to this article about Veerappan, a notorious Indian criminal. It is an interesting story and includes this amazing tidbit:
When asked what she saw in him, Veerappan's shepherdess wife Muthulakshmi reportedly replied: "His moustache and notoriety."
There you have it, gentlemen. Chicks dig big moustaches.

I was stopped by my hot neighbor the other day, who looked me in the eye and told me she thought my molestache was hot. It was a very odd moment. So, yes! facial hair!!!!!

Also, I really liked the article by the presbyterian church, it makes you hope that the rest of the religions can be like that some day.

That is one damn, hell, ass, awesome mustache. Wow.
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