Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Everything you ever needed to know about disengagement

There is a surprisingly comprehensive look at the myriad of impediments to Ariel Sharon's Gaza disengagement plan by Mark Heinrich of Reuters in an article whose main focus is on next Tuesday's Knesset session which will address the disengagement proposal. Security measures are going to be stepped up dramatically in the face of death threats against Sharon and promises from the extreme right that they will disrupt the Knesset session.
A Knesset spokeswoman said it would slash the number of visitors a parliamentary deputy would be allowed to bring into the chamber to two from 20, with all sitting behind a bulletproof glass screen in the gallery.

A new surveillance camera network was also being installed and the threshold for ejections from the building for unruly behavior -- Knesset debates are notoriously tumultuous affairs -- would be lowered, spokesman Giora Pordes said.

Leaders of the 8,000 settlers designated for evacuation from Gaza said their schools would shut Tuesday to enable a mass turnout of protesters around the parliament in Jerusalem.

Anti-"disengagement" activists planned to circle the Knesset in a slow-moving procession of cars.
Seriously, though, the rest of the article does a fantastic job of giving a sort of overview of the path and perils facing Sharon's plan in the future.

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