Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Condy vs. Arafat

Condy Rice, in a speech to an AIPAC audience, urged world leaders (or those that still talk to him) to tell Yasir Arafat to step down.
"People are going to have to draw together and say to Yasser Arafat, 'All right, the game is up. You really need to do the things you agreed to,'" Rice told several hundred people attending a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the most powerful pro-Israel lobby in the country.
Hmmm... sounds like cheap talk to get votes to me. Every word the Bush administration says against Arafat only ensures him another 15 minutes of survival. It's sad but true. Not to mention that Arafat was finally given permission from Israel to leave his Ramallah compound to receive medical treatment and declined it (INSERT TURNING-DOWN-OFFER JOKE HERE). If the man isn't going to leave to get a gallstone removed, he's not going to be taking Condy Rice too seriously.

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