Monday, September 20, 2004


Transatlantic Drift

There is an interesting column in the Guardian by Ian Black describing the growing divide between Europe and the United States and the role of Iraq in widening that gap. It includes this statistical tidbit:
But even a Kerry victory will not automatically end transatlantic disagreements: a survey commissioned jointly by an American and an Italian thinktank showed recently that a growing majority of Europeans seek a more independent role from the US. Some 58 per cent of Europeans said strong US leadership in the world was undesirable, an increase of nine percentage points from a similar poll last year. Only in Britain and the Netherlands do a majority desire strong American leadership. Eighty per cent of the Europeans surveyed did not believe the invasion of Iraq was worth the loss of life and cost. Some 73 per cent of Europeans believe the war increased the risk of terrorism, as do 49 per cent of Americans.

Man, this is seriously the best written political commentary that I have ever read. I am actually getting educated on the situation in the middle east SOLELY because of this blog. Kudos, bro. Also, I would like to see a post about how you reasonably think the whole israel/palestine situation is probably going to work out; be it bleak or rosy I would prefer an informed opinion on an issue that I find more troubling each day.

first bleak, then rosy. just kidding - thanks for the compliments though, my friend. we can talk more on the israeli/palestinian conflict in depth later.
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