Friday, September 03, 2004


Syria Watch

The UN Security Council passed a resolution yesterday (UNSC Res. 1559) with a vote of 9-0 with 6 abstentions. The resolution (with my comments in brackets and bold text)
1. Reaffirms its call for the strict respect of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity, and political independence of Lebanon under the sole and exclusive authority of the Government of Lebanon throughout Lebanon;

2. Calls upon all remaining foreign forces [namely Syria] to withdraw from Lebanon;

3. Calls for the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias [namely Hezbollah];

4. Supports the extension of the control of the Government of Lebanon over all Lebanese territory;

5. Declares its support for a free and fair electoral process in Lebanon’s upcoming presidential election conducted according to Lebanese constitutional rules devised without foreign interference or influence;

6. Calls upon all parties concerned to cooperate fully and urgently with the Security Council for the full implementation of this and all relevant resolutions concerning the restoration of the territorial integrity, full sovereignty, and political independence of Lebanon;

7. Requests that the Secretary-General report to the Security Council within thirty days on the implementation by the parties of this resolution and decides to remain actively seized of this matter.
Is the Bush administration building up a case for war? Let me acknowledge that there is no real basis for this suggestion, but if it does play out like that, I want to be acknowledged as being ahead of my time. Also of interest are the statements of the different representatives (especially the US, Pakistan, and Lebanon).

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