Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Rabbi group urges IDF to STOP avoiding harming Palestinian civilians

This is actually from last week, but I just came across it today, and it really turns my stomach (especially after reading that Ehud Olmert piece with all this "we value life, and they don't" nonsense). This is from the Voice of Israel (state-funded radio in Israel), translated from the Hebrew by FBIS.
A group of rabbis from Judaea and Samaria and the center of Israel has called on the IDF to stop making sure it avoids harming Palestinian civilians. The rabbis say there is no war in which there can be a total division between the civilian population and the army, and quote Rabbi Aqiva, who said: "Our lives come first. Our correspondent Gay Qotev reports that among the rabbis whose names attached to the call are Rabbi Hayim Druckman; Rabbi Dov Li'or, head of the Committee of Rabbis in Judaea and Samaria; and Rabbis Elyaqim Levanon of Elon More, Dudi Dudkevich of Yitzhar, and Eli'ezer Memaled of Brakha.
Ah yes, we value life alright. Just not Palestinian life. What a crock of shit.

alex! this blog is excellent; I always enjoy picking apart the fallacies in other people's logic. sometimes I question whether you like to read bertrand russell for fun. Give me a call man, 718-928-5918 as it is my birthday today!!!!!
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