Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Jim Hoagland op-ed

Jim Hoagland has a well-reasoned and thoughtful op-ed in the Washington Post today (Putin's Misdirected Rage) about Vladimir Putin and the Chechnya situation. In fact, I find the Washington Post to be consistently reasonable on the Chechnya issue. There is an article in the Guardian and reposted on CommonDreams that exposes the Washington neocons' connections with certain Chechen causes. I only fear that this will further alienate Chechnya who has no true allies on the right (the neocons just want to undermine Russia, which they can do now from Central Asia rather than Chechnya) and who the left may use as a way of attacking the neocons/Bush administration on the issue of terrorism in this political season. And remember, while neocon support for the Iraqi National Congress and Ahmed Chalabi is worthy of derision, that doesn't mean that Saddam Hussein was a good guy or that the Iraqi people weren't suffering. I'm sick of all this politicking. People are going to die and so many people just want to score a few points against the Bush administration.

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