Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Helen Thomas, my hero

OK, I'm back online, but now am backlogged with work that required interweb-type stuff. But in getting started on that work, I came upon this article by Helen Thomas, a wonderful woman, in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reflecting on Bush's continued assertion that the US went to war in Iraq with the backing of the UN.
Bush, who has run out of excuses for the war, now wants everyone to believe that the United Nations gave him the go-ahead to invade Iraq when the world body passed a resolution warning there would be "serious consequences" if Saddam Hussein did not disarm and give weapons inspectors free rein in Iraq.

"The commitments we make must have meaning," he told the U.N. General Assembly last week. "When we say serious consequences for the sake of peace, there must be serious consequences."

But the U.N. resolution gave him no mandate for war.

No matter how many times Bush claims he had U.N. backing to attack the oil-rich nation, it doesn't make it so.
Thomas is right of course, that saying it doesn't make it so. Unfortunately, as we can see from the polls that show that a ridiculously large percentage of Americans still believe that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11, it is enough to make people think it is so. And with too few Helen Thomas figures in the media right now, there aren't nearly enough voices telling the American people that it isn't so.

No, he had no consensus and no support from the UN. And you never hear him mention the great loss the UN suffered in that terrible bombing of their headquarters in Baghdad, do you. Did he hug their mothers?

Silly man. I watched him unbuttoning his blueshirt cuffs and rolling up his sleeves the other day on TeeVee Coverage/News and found myself thinking what a truly odd life he leads. One performance after another and oh so very rarely does he do it before an unpicked and pre-selected audience. Yet he and his surrogates are forever blatting about the marvelousness of 'democracy', especially when it means an unfortunate opinion was made or had effect on some other leader than himself.

Helen Thomas is an honorable person. She also answers her email which I find really remarkable! George Bush has only ever sent me a stupid form letter which used to urge me to donate a dollar to Afghan school children. Wonder whatever became of *that* silly attempt to pretend "message: I care".
Everytime I see a poll that shows a majority of American's think Saddam had something to do with 9/11, I want to shoot myself in the face. How can this still be possible?

You and Helen are right, though, about the UN. And Helen is a national treasure.
No self-destruction allowed, John. Just because other folks are wilfully stupid or hoping to be misled, don't give up.
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