Thursday, September 16, 2004


Falafel sales down

According to the Christian Science Monitor, "across the country, Middle Eastern restaurants saw sales drop dramatically as Americans spurned falafel and kebabs as the symbolic food of the terrorists."

That is such a bummer. Why would you stop eating Middle Eastern food? It tastes great! Here are some of the sad specifics:
In response to declining business, many restaurants changed their names so they were more ambiguous: "Iraqi Cuisine" in Los Angeles became "Middle Eastern Cuisine." In Dearborn, Mich., "Taste of Mosul" is now "Taste of Arabia."


"I think Arab people here were afraid to be seen together," says one Dearborn restaurant owner who asked to remain anonymous. "People would see a large group of Middle Eastern people, even if they were just eating dinner, and assume the worst."


"I have been in the US for 11 years now," says Salah Al-Hindawy, owner of Arabian Cuisine in Louisville, Ky. "I hate Saddam Hussein, and I was very happy when we went to war with Iraq, but still my business has suffered because people don't want to eat at an Arabic restaurant."
What a shame. Everybody should make it a point to eat more Arab and Middle Eastern food. And leave big tips.

Credit goes to the sharp eyes of the Angry Arab for catching this.

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