Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Abu Somethingerother

I wasn't going to write on this since OW already blogged it, but it just really just strikes me as perfectly exempletive of exactly what the problem is with the President, the war in Iraq, and uneducated America. So it seems that President Bush has been going around to places like Poplar Bluff, MO, and Battle Creek, MI, as well as others, saying the following about Saddam Hussein:
"He was a sworn enemy of the United States of America, he had ties to terrorist networks," Bush argued. "Do you remember Abu Nidal? He's the guy that killed Leon Klinghoffer. Leon Klinghoffer was murdered because of his religion. Abu Nidal was in Baghdad, as was his organization."
But wait just a minute there. It turns out that Bush, if you can believe it, was mixing up two different Abus. Abu Nidal didn't kill Leon Klinghoffer, it was Abu Abbas. But what the hell, right? It doesn't matter to Bush or the people lapping up his every word. Abu something, that's good enough. Some damn Arab, who can keep them straight? Which makes his rhetorical question (Do you remember Abu Nidal?) even more laughable. Like, yeah, you guys remember him right? Because obviously the answer is no.

Anyhow, like I said, I feel that this really emblemizes a broader problem. I mean, Bush went after the wrong guy. We got Saddam instead of Osama bin Laden. And with the same kind of attitude: "You guys remember Saddam Hussein, right? He attacked us on 9/11." And the fact that Abu Nidal is one of the last pathetic straws that the Bush administration is grasping at to justify this war is pretty sad. I mean, are we all sleeping more soundly now that the fear of Abu Nidal is lifted from all Americans? A quick look at the Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) on Naval Postgraduate School's Terrorism Resources website speaks volumes. The ANO hasn't staged a major attack against a Western target since the 1980s. In the 1990s the only major attacks were against Palestinian targets and a Jordanian diplomat. According to the Navy site, "Financial problems and internal disorganization have reduced the group’s activities and capabilities." So please don't tell me that this somehow indicates that it was worth it to attack Iraq. Simple logic indicates otherwise, seeing as how the Iraq war has put far more lives (including far more American and Iraqi lives) in danger than Abu Nidal ever could have.

In fact, Sir Ivor Robins, British ambassador to Italy, recently came out and stated his belief that President Bush is the "greatest recruiting sergeant for al-Qaeda." Whether you believe that or not, pretending that Abu Nidal was somehow a terrorist threat that warranted a preemtive war is totally ridiculous. My point being that this reflects more than simply on George W. Bush's poor oratorial capabilities. This reflects on the flawed thinking, the shoddy reasoning, the Abu Somethingerother mindset that this bullshit war was built on. It's no suprise that it's coming crumbling down.

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