Friday, August 27, 2004


Yeah, just take my word for it

In an update from the new cold war, Israel is planning to stock up on these Arrow missiles that can (well... maybe) intercept Iranian Shihab-3 missiles.
The Arrow anti-ballistic missile is capable of intercepting an Iranian Shihab-3 missile, despite its failure to do so in a test off the California coast, Aryeh Herzog, the Defense Ministry official in charge of the Arrow project, said Friday.

The Arrow, which is being developed by Israel and the United States, failed Thursday to destroy a target missile simulating an Iranian Shihab-3 and a Scud-D of the type Syria possesses.
Well, I'm sure the Israelis feel safer knowing that the Arrow is "capable" of intercepting missiles, it just doesn't seem to want to in the tests. Great. This is why missile defense will never replace good old fashioned diplomacy (or, unfortunately, machine guns, tanks, and F-16s).

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