Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Welcome to the new cold war

Iran has issued an extraordinary list of demands to Britain and other European countries, telling them to provide advanced nuclear technology, conventional weapons and a security guarantee against nuclear attack by Israel.
So says Anton La Guardia of the Telegraph (UK). Shockingly, Tehran's request is said to have "gone down very badly" with the Brits. This is a pretty ballsy move by Iran, but it's not shocking considering the position in which they currently find themselves. Bordered by Iraq and Afghanistan (both of which have been invaded by the United States in the past three years), listed by George W. Bush as part of the "Axis of Evil," looking at an increasingly aggressive and unconstrained Israel (with 100s of nuclear weapons and the advanced military to deliver them), its not too far out to think of a few reasons that Iran would want to develop a few nukes of their own. The US, of course, seems determined to press the issue, and I don't think that Iran, with the help that they've gotten from Pakistan, is too far away from having nuclear weapons capabilities. All of which means.... GOOD TIMES AHEAD!

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