Friday, August 06, 2004


This Guy is Scum

Joseph Braude pleaded guilty today, on the second day of testimony at his trial, to smuggling artifacts stolen from the Iraq National Museum (we all remember it's being looted) into the United States.
After his plea was changed, the United States attorney's office said: "Through his guilty plea Mr Braude admitted that he knew exactly what he was doing - smuggling precious antiquities looted from the Iraqi people."


He has also been a federal consultant on "terrorist activities".
It's not suprising, then, to read this description of Braude in a review of his book, The New Iraq, on
Its author, Joseph Braude, works for Pyramid Research, an outfit providing "international market analysis and consulting services to the global communications industry." He has recently appeared on the "Today" show and been quoted in major newspapers, touting his insights into Iraq's future. He represents that breed of civilian who arrives in a newly occupied nation in the wake of the military personnel, aid workers and intelligence operatives, sniffing around after the money to be made amid all the flux and ferment.
What a scumbag. To many in the academic world, the looting of the Iraqi National Museum was one of the greatest outrages and tragedies in the early days of the Iraq War. For Braude, a supposed academic, to essentially partake, hoping to profit, in this crime is pretty disgusting.

Errorist is an apt name; you are in error about Mr. Braude. No reputable source has ever accused him of trying to profit from stolen Iraqi antiquities. This attribution of motive is dead wrong.
I'm sorry, did Mr. Braude plead guilty or did he not? Oh, that's right, he did! I'm sorry, you're defense of his noble character has not led to an upwelling of sympathy in me.
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