Monday, August 16, 2004


Recent information discloses that BBQ is the result of a Zionist conspiracy

I know this isn't funny at all, but it seems just too cartoonish to comment on seriously - apparently the Israelis are threatening "jailhouse barbecues to entice hundreds of Palestinians prisoners to break a hunger strike launched this week to protest conditions, a spokesman said Monday."
As the protest continued into its second day Monday, prisons spokesman Ofer Lefler said authorities were considering grilling meats near the prisoners, hoping the enticing aroma would weaken their resolve.
It just seems so wrong, but then again it definitely seems better than banning cigarettes and family visits, which was the Israelis first reaction. Anyhow, the item of actual interest in this same Guardian article (and I'm not sure why this doesn't warrant it's own article or at least lead the article instead of the BBQ story) is this:
As the hunger strike began Sunday, the most prominent Palestinian prisoner was working on a smooth transition in the Gaza Strip after Israel's planned withdrawal next year, according to a document obtained Sunday by The Associated Press.

The document shows that Marwan Barghouti, a leader of Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, presented an 18-point plan for Gaza to the militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Barghouti is taking part in the hunger strike, his daughter Aruba told the AP.

A source close to Barghouti said the groups had responded "positively, in principle" to the plan, under which the militants would halt attacks on Israel from Gaza in exchange for a role in running the area.

Islamic Jihad spokesman Mohammed al-Hindi, however, said Monday the group had not received the document or had any contact with Barghouti.

Al-Hindi said he suspected the report had been fabricated by Israel "to measure the reactions of the Palestinian factions regarding important items, including our holy right to fight the occupation."

There was no immediate reaction from Hamas.

Since Israel announced its pullout plan, concerns have been raised about a power vacuum and a possible takeover by Islamic militants.

Under Barghouti's plan, Arafat's Palestinian Authority would be the ruler in Gaza, but a "monitoring committee" with representatives from all groups would have considerable say.
I'd like to read that document and know what it says. I also think that it's pretty sad that the only person in the PA who seems to be really trying to build some kind of plan in case this Gaza withdrawal happens, Marwan Barghouti, is sitting in jail. This guy is ten times more effective from inside a jail cell than 99% of these other bureaucrats and PLC members and Arafat appointees on the outside.

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