Monday, August 09, 2004


Kerry proposes anti-terror neighborhood watch groups

This is a horrible idea. First of all, counter-terrorism should probably be something handled by the experts. What exactly is a neighbor going to know that will tip him or her off to the "terrorist" tendencies of somebody that the CIA or FBI wouldn't know? This is the TIPS program to the 10th degree. This seems to be just asking for anti-Arab, anti-Muslim profiling. Does John Kerry really want the Annie Jacobsen's of the world out patroling the streets of America on the lookout for terrorists? I certainly hope not. I tend to think that if we actually need this we are already doomed, and if we don't we are just asking for trouble and fomenting ethnic and religious divides. Thanks to the Angry Arab for noticing this.

This story is sourced to the Boston Globe. Hm. The Globe has been slandering Kerry pretty steadily. Is there some other source for this really really really baaad idea? Is it on Of course, I could go look for myself...

Aunt Deb
It's the Boston Herald - the right wing tabloid propaganda rag of Boston, I believe. I would think that if pressed on it, Kerry could argue that that wasn't what he meant and that his remarks were taken out of context, etc. If so, he should be a little more careful with what he says.
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