Monday, August 30, 2004


An Illustrative Example

In an article in today's Ha'aretz there is a perfect example of the way the Israeli government goes about its business in the occupied territories. Here is the passage:
In the pre-dawn hours of Monday, morning, police and soldiers evacuated the illegal Giborim outpost, close to Hebron, and the adjacent Hazon David synagogue. This is the 19th time that the outpost has been removed, and the 15th time that the makeshift synagogue dismantled.

Settlers vowed to retake both sites.
The 19th time that the outpost has been removed and the 15th time that the synagogue has been dismantled. Is there any doubt that the settlers will, as they vowed, succeed in retaking both sites? And in the meantime, the Israeli government can point its finger at the effort it is making in cracking down on "illegal" settlement activity. The result is a short-term PR victory for the government, a further magnified sense of heroism, persecution, and contempt for government amongst the settlers, and no real progress at all.

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