Thursday, August 19, 2004


2 Iraqis Shot Dead by US Forces at Abu Ghraib

Abu Ghraib in the news again.

Alex, I just heard Frank Gaffney on NPR news, talking about the Fay report on Abu Ghraib, another report which, surprise surprise, finds that no one higher up than Karpinski is involved or implicated in the torture. Gaffney says that when "report after report" tells you nothing more happened, well, even though you might find that "politically inexpedient", it's time to move on because, "well, frankly, there's a war on." So now, the war which was the excuse for the torture is now the excuse for glossing over the torture. And it did occur to me that it would have been far more politically inexpedient for the reports to have shown that those folks who were writing memos about how torture is a good thing 'n all had some tie-in to the behavior of grunts on the ground. Karpinski is understandably distressed by the failure to look at people like Sanchez, etc.

Also noted: the report exonerating Lt. Gen. "Jerry" Boykin was finally released. The story was on today's Federal Page, buried well inside the Post. Turns out Boykin gave at least 23 presentations to Christian groups, almost all of them while in uniform and using a military aide or two to help him with the slides he showed. Probably those pictures of the Black Spot of Satan Over Mogadishu, don't you think? Do you think just anyone can get copies of those pictures?
Hopefully he'll put the PowerPoint presentation up on his blog!

Are you gonna start bloggin' Aunt Deb?
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