Friday, July 09, 2004


World Court Rules Israel's Wall Illegal

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the biggest shock of all is that "Israel said it would disregard the decision." Whoah whoah whoah. Slow down there. Israel? Disregarding a decision made by an international body? Unheard of! Equally shocking is that Israel's defense, the longheld "two wrongs make a right" legal theory, didn't hold up in front of the International Court of Justice. And while some would like to consider the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a complex issue with many nuanced factors playing a role, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yoni Peled broke it down for all of us idiots who don't get it: "If there were no terror, there would be no fence." Forget all those issues of occupation, land confiscation, settlements, pre-1967 boundaries, home demolitions. In fact, why stop there? If there were no terror, there would be no Zionism. Right?

Some other non-sensical quotes from the Yahoo!News story:
A spokesman for President Bush (news - web sites) brushed aside the ruling. He said the World Court, formally the International Court of Justice, was not the right place to settle the issue:

"This is an issue that should be resolved through the process that has been put in place, specifically the road map," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.
Because that's what's worked so far right? Why is it that Palestinians must always undermine the peace process? I mean things were right on track, this - what is it again? Road...Map... - was going perfectly and then the Palestinians had to get all uppity and go to the International Court of Justice.

Also this:
"We will abide by the ruling of our own High Court and not the panel in The Hague with judges from the European Union (news - web sites) who are not suspected of being particularly disposed toward Israel," Justice Minister Yosef Lapid said earlier Friday.
God forbid you should have a panel made up of judges not particularly disposed toward Israel. The injustice of it all. They should go ahead and change the name of the court to the International Court of INJustice. Get it?

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