Friday, July 30, 2004


Who woulda thunk it?

Who would have guessed that suporting a brutal dictator in Uzbekistan might somehow not endear the people there to the American way? Don't they love freedom and democracy (if only in the abstract, since it sure as hell is not available where they are)? Apparently not, as there were some suicide bombings in Uzbekistan today.
Suicide bombers hit the U.S. and Israeli embassies Friday, killing at least two Uzbeks, news reports and police said.

A third blast hit the general prosecutor's office and caused "deaths," a Russian news agency reported.

The Interfax news agency said a man with an explosive belt on his waist detonated bomb outside the American Embassy and Uzbek security forces surrounded the compound, stopping all traffic. Israel radio said the attack on the Israeli Embassy also was a suicide assault and that one of the dead there was an Uzbek security guard.
Bad times.

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