Thursday, July 01, 2004


They hate freedom (and bruise easily)

According to the BBC, the Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin suggesting that airport officials pay attention to bruises on Pakistanis entering the US.
All Pakistanis arriving at key US airports are facing checks for injuries that might suggest they trained as terrorists, a US Customs bulletin says.

The arrivals, including those with US citizenship, will be checked for rope burns, unusual bruises or scars.


The bulletin was sent to Customs inspectors at international airports in Washington, New York, Newark, Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles.


The bulletin points out things to look for, including signs the individual may have been abseiling or "unusual bruises resulting from obstacle course activities".
We are so screwed.

Great blog name. ;)
Since I'm a bloody awful American wanker I had to look up abseiling.

It means "rappeling".
The word 'wanker' is quite a harsh one in the UK, but not the word 'bitch'. Go figure.
rappeling, eh? good thing you looked it up. i just thought it was shorthand for "hating freedom" or somesuch.

round here we say 'birds' not 'bitches'
- the streets
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