Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Palestinian Reform

Amira Hass has written an interesting article about some of the ins and outs of reform within Fatah and the Palestinian Authority. Currently, internal Fatah elections are taking place inside the Gaza Strip. While this is having a real effect on the dynamics of the Fatah movement, all the fatheads screaming for "Palestinian reforms" couldn't care less - the only thing they actually know is that they don't to see Arafat's face anywhere around. Well, it still seems as though Arafat is going to be around for a while. On the topic of Arafat and reform, Arafat did not take kindly to criticism from top United Nations envoy to the Middle East Terje Roed-Larsen regarding Arafat's efforts to reform the Palestinian security services.
"Terje Roed-Larsen's statement is not objective. As of today he is an unwelcome person in Palestinian territories," Nabil Abu Rudeineh told Reuters, referring to remarks by the envoy at the United Nations on Tuesday.
That's just great. It's not like the Palestinians want anything, pressure on Israel to stop building it's wall in the West Bank for example, from the UN right now. You'd think Arafat would realize the value of staying warm with the UN, but I guess pride must come first. It's pretty pathetic really. Happy Bastille Day everyone!

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