Tuesday, July 27, 2004


From Emmanuel Todd's "After the Empire"

Thanks to Aunt Deb for sending me this excerpt from Emmanuel Todd's "After the Empire". I thought it might be of interest to others. Here it is:

"The Decline of Universalism Abroad: Choosing Israel"

American loyalty toward Israel is truly a mystery for specialists
of strategic analysis. A perusal of the recent classic studies
offers no explanation. Kissinger treats the Israeli-Palestinian
question in detail but with the exasperation of a longtime
realist who has to deal with irrational populations fighting for
the possession of a promised land. Huntington places Israel
outside the sphere of Western civilization that he wants to
consider as a strategic bloc. Brzezinski does not discuss
Israel, nor does Fukuyama. This is rather odd if one considers
the importance of the link with Israel within the establishment
of a generalized American antagonism toward the Arab world, or
more generally, the Muslim world.

The rationality and purpose of this link are difficult to
demonstrate. The hypothesis of necessary cooperation between
democracies is unconnvincing. The injustice committed day after
day toward Palestinians by the Jewih colonization of what remains
of their landisitself anegation of the principle of equality that
is the foundation of democracy. Other democratic nations,
notably those in Europe, do not have the same unconditional
sympathy toward Israel that America feels.


Another new and original type of support for Israel originates on
the Republican right, which projects onto the context of the
Middle East the preference for inequality that characterizes
America today. It is not impossible to prefer inequality and
injustice after all.


Because Israel is becoming less virtuous at the same time as
America, the latter approves of Israel's increasingly ferocious
behavior toward the Palestinians. America is sliding toward a
firmer belief in the inequality of men and believes less and less
in the equality of the human species.

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