Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Chirac Predicts Landslide Victory in Egyptian Election

Jacques Chirac is already the most popular world leader in Egypt according to public opinion surveys conducted by Dr. Shibley Telhami. However, in an effort to put his competition even further behind him, Chirac "responded by having his office inform Jerusalem that Sharon would not be welcome in Paris right now." His approval ratings in Cairo should go through the roof! Purely a political move (since no visit is planned), this may well be the very thing that Tommy Lapid warned of yesterday when he worried aloud that Israel's decision to ignore the International Court of Justice's ruling on the wall through the West Bank could put Israel on the path towards becoming a pariah state. Also on reactions to the wall, Joel Beinin of Stanford University weighs in on the passage of House Resolution 713 which "deplores" the ICJ decision. Beinin writes:
Many Democrats with generally liberal voting records voted for HR 713. Most of them – for example Anna Eshoo, Mike Honda, Tom Lantos, Nancy Pelosi, and Lynn Woolsey, all of the San Francisco Bay Area – criticized the Bush administration for abandoning the Kyoto Protocol on global warming or the renouncing its signature on the Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court. Apparently, it is bad for the United States to be internationally isolated on those issues. But it is fine if the United States is isolated because of our Middle East policy. That isn’t likely to have any consequences for our national security or personal safety.

This comment is unrelated to the post, but I figured I'd pass the word along. I posted on my blog a bit from an interview of Richard Ben Cramer (How Israel Lost) on Salon.com. I figured you might be interested in reading it. Here's the link: Interview.
Thank you! It's an excellent interview. I'd like to read Cramer's book and I am glad it is out there and other people are reading it.
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