Saturday, July 24, 2004


Bad Moon Rising

If you thought the chaos in the Gaza Strip was bad, that would really be nothing compared to what would happen were there an Israeli extremist terror attack on the Temple Mount. According to Ha'aretz:
Public Security Minister Tzachi Hanegbi on Saturday said that the defense establishment has identified a strengthening of intent among extreme-right groups to carry out a terror attack on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in order to thwart the peace process.

"There is no information on specific persons, otherwise the Shin Bet and the police would not have enabled them to act," Hanegbi told Channel Two news, "but there are worrying indications pointing to a purposeful - not just philosophical - frame of mind."

"There is a danger that they would want to make use of the most explosive target, in hope that the ensuing chain reaction would bring about the destruction of the political process," he added.
The same article also reiterates the Shin Bet's assessment that there are between 150-200 Jews who were "hoping for the death" of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. For anybody contemplating the difference between being security measures enacted against Jews and Arabs by Israel, the following dialogue is a pretty clear illustration of the situation:
Labor MK Haim Ramon asked Dichter: "If we were talking about Palestinians and not Jews, would you place these people in administrative detention?"

"Absolutely," Dichter replied.
I, for one, can only hope that neither a terrorist attack on the Temple Mount nor the assassination of Ariel Sharon will happen; I think it would be nearly impossible to salvage anything positive out of the destabilization of the kind that would be brought about were either of these to happen.

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