Friday, July 16, 2004



Apparently the US wanted to spend 10 million dollars of Iraqi oil revenue on a memorial museum to the atrocities of Saddam Hussein's regime. Thank goodness somebody (the British) had the sense to stop this madness. As if there's nothing else in Iraq to spend the money on.
US officials described the $10m (£5.4m) project as a special commitment by Paul Bremer, the former US administrator of occupied Iraq.

The money was to come from Iraqi oil revenues deposited in the Development Fund for Iraq which was set up under UN sanctions and maintained by the US after it toppled Saddam.


The US representative asked for the project to be approved at the board's final meeting last month, shortly before the transfer of sovereignty.


It is not clear why Mr Bremer tried to rush the idea through rather than leave it to the incoming Iraqi regime. He may have feared it might not get off the ground, or wanted to leave his personal mark, analysts say.
Absolutely enraging. Anybody who had anything to do with this should be ashamed and resign immidiately.

This recent event just goes to show how this war has turned from a search for WMD's, to regime change, and now a photo-op. When will this administration realize that by undermining the IO's of the world we will constantly be fighting an uphill battle for international legitimacy? We have already done so much harm to our ability to act as a peacemaker (Israel, ICJ, Abu-Ghraib) that the only way to regain any sort of trust back from the world is not with museums or memorials but with actual reconstruction and a change in the American Administration.

If our current adminsistration stays in power for another four years we better realize that our idea of terrorism will change. When we think of terrorism we think of 9-11. But if our foreign policies don't change drastically, we may start to see attacks in our subways, and airports, and our busses. We are no longer protected my the two great oceans and we must realize that it only will take time before we see the true face of emotion-based-terrorism.
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