Thursday, July 08, 2004


American ISM activist denied entry to Israel

A Tel Aviv District Court Judge ruled today to expel 44-year-old graphic and video artist Anne Robinson-Petter, who has been held for two weeks in a holding cell at Ben-Gurion Airport. According to Ha'aretz:
She was denied entry to Israel on two grounds, says the report on her being questioned at the airport: "Her guaranteed participation in hostile sabotage activity," and belonging to "a leftist organization."
And what exactly constituted "guaranteed participation in hostile sabotage activity"?
She arrived two weeks ago for a 14-day visit with the intention of filming a video about a 79-year-old Holocaust survivor traveling the country and the territories, and to take part in demonstrations against the separation fence.
Whew, thank goodness for the Shin Bet.
The security services claimed at the closed door hearings two weeks ago that they have "secret information" about the woman. At a court hearing Tuesday, say her lawyers, the prosecutors refused to provide a statement backing up the claims of the security services, which had originally argued at her arrest that her presence in the country endangers state security.
So at first there was this "secret information" that proved that Robertson-Peter (an artist) endangered state security. But we can't know this information. So now all we've got is that she belongs to "a leftist organization" and wants to make a film about a Holocaust survivor. And this prevents one from being allowed to enter Israel? Since when was belonging to a "leftist organization" a crime?
While Robertson-Peter is not being allowed contact with anyone other than her lawyer, she answered through him why she insisted on staying in Israel despite the considerable discomfort it has involved for her.

"My client," said Leibowitz, "refuses to allow the state to impugn her with the stigma of being a terrorist who is involved in hostile terrorist activity, and she is disgusted by the way her activities on behalf of human rights are regarded as a so-called danger to the security of the state. She is fighting to prove that there is nothing wrong with her activities."
Right on! I only wish it would have some effect.

I suppose there will be some effect in Israel, but here in the US, I rather doubt there will even be an awareness of the event. This makes me think of Rachel Corrie and of James Miller, among many, who have given their lives in the hope that some sane resolution could be found for this truly terrible situation. Here in the US, these people are simply gone and forgotten, as are the Palestinians. Or, if recalled briefly, they are considered as oddities, uncomfortable activist types who can't get along. Rather like the way Ellen Goodman takes umbrage at Michael Moore for showing twenty seconds of little Iraqi kids flying kites before Shock-n-Awe. Goddamnit, we just have to kill these people in order for Good and Freedom to prevail, why can't everyone understand that?!?
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