Thursday, July 15, 2004


Activist Judges

While the US chastised the International Court of Justice's ruling on Israel's wall through the West Bank as a "political" ruling that should have instead been decided in the framework of a negotiated settlement, a US judge today made an absolutely political ruling. In this ruling, the judge ordered that the Palestinian Authority and the PLO each to pay 100 million dollars to the relatives of a Jewish couple killed near the West Bank in 1996.
Earlier this year, a judge ordered the militant group Hamas to pay a similar amount to the relatives.

Relatives began legal action under a law which allows suits against groups responsible for killing US citizens.

Mr Ungar and his family were returning from a wedding when their car was sprayed with bullets. Three Hamas militants were jailed for the killings.

Families of the victims have been waging a long fight to hold the group's leadership responsible.
Given the assassination of Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz Rantisi earlier this year, I would say that the leadership of Hamas has been "held responsible." The whole thing is pretty ridiculous, but I doubt the Republicans are going to start ranting on and on about activist judges and unnecessary litigation and "political" judicial decisions that should be handled in negotiations. Not bloody likely.

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