Monday, June 07, 2004


WSJ Reality Check

Daniel Henninger, deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal's editorial page is one of the latest to characterize the opposition to George W. Bush as crazy. In his weekly column (Dems Get Mad, Not Even), Henninger describes Michael Moore, Al Gore,, and Roland Emmerich's newest film, The Day After Tomorrow, as representing the "hyper-virulent", "slightly psycho", and "not quite normal" wing of Democratic politics that have drifted into the "political paranormal." Henninger, like others before him, criticizes The Day After Tomorrow for making a disaster movie with a global warming premise. As much as those in global warming denial DON'T want science involved in policy-making, they now, equally vehemently, want it IN their Hollywood disaster movies. I suppose Henninger thinks that nuclear radiation isn't actually a problem because Godzilla showed events that were not scientifically accurate (I mean, if nuclear radiation is so bad, where are all the giant dinosaurs wreaking havoc in our cities?). Yet, it is Henninger himself who seems to have trouble separating reality from fiction. He writes:
over Memorial Day weekend, the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" opened, in which tornadoes rip through Los Angeles, New York City is destroyed in a flood and the Earth's Northern Hemisphere is destroyed by snow and ice high as the Statue of Liberty's shoulders--because Dick Cheney refused to believe in global warming.
Actually, Danny, Dick Cheney is the real life Vice President. You see, that was just a movie... actors play roles... not the same person... that didn't... actually... oh nevermind, you get it right? Let's see:
For a New Yorker, the movie isn't much fun if you worry about more bad things happening to the city. The ocean suddenly rises about 300 feet and fills the city, which would be bad enough. But then the temperature drops--"10 degrees every second"--which renders the alternate-side parking rules moot and makes it impossible for the Sanitation Department's plows to dig out. With the U.S. under 100 yards of ice, everyone heads for Mexico, which won't let the "illegals" in until the President forgives all their debt.

Yikes. When I walked out of the theater the first thing I did was look outside. Ominously, it was raining.
Jeez, and the Democrats are nuts? Some people understand that the temperature isn't going to drop 10 degrees every second, but that it might need to in order to make a compelling disaster movie. "urged its followers to take some friends to the movie to "meet up with other MoveOn members to give out flyers that explain, in everyday language, what causes global warming (and) how Bush's environmental policies could lead us into a real-life climate crisis."" Imagine somebody trying to explain the difference between reality and a Hollywood disaster movie. It seems beyond Daniel Henninger. We can only hope that Henninger doesn't decide to do some more research on that Riefenstahlian propagandist Roland Emmerich and check out Independence Day.

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