Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Rise in Extremism in Israel

The results of a recent survey taken by Haifa University's Center for the Study of National Security, published in Ha'aretz, show a frightening prevalence of extremist views in the Israeli public.
The survey indicates that 63.7 percent of the Jewish respondents said the government should encourage Israeli Arabs to emigrate. Almost half of the Jewish respondents - 48.6 percent - said the treatment that Arabs in Israel receive from the government is too sympathetic.

More than half - 55.3 percent - think Israeli Arabs endanger the state's security and 45.3 percent support depriving Israeli Arabs of the right to vote and to be elected. About one-quarter of the Jewish respondents said they would consider voting for a party like the outlawed Kach, if such a party were contending in the next elections.
I think the results speak for themselves. The fact that nearly half of Israeli Jews surveyed support depriving Israeli Arabs of the right to vote and be elected is absolutely stunning to me and illustrates clearly the "worrying increase in the extremism of the respondents' attitudes" that Yulie Khromchenko, the author of the Ha'aretz article, writes of. Voting rights have nothing to do with security. Obviously, the security situation is driving the popularity of these racist, fascist attitudes, but their wide support indicates just how rotten the Israeli political culture has become.

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