Friday, June 18, 2004


Remember Afghanistan?

Yeah, that was our success story. Well, in that there was actually probably a reason we went to war there. Now, though, things aren't going so well. Latest from the New York Time: "Rebels Capture Afghan Provincial Capital." Bottom line is that the central government has very little control, the rest of the country is divided up between war lords who maintain personal armies and fight each other when it suits their interests. And as for upcoming September elections, the groundwork for that hasn't been perfectly laid either.
The United Nations said it had pulled election workers out of Chagcharan during Thursday's fighting in another setback to its attempts to register voters.

Farther south, U.N. registration teams have yet to venture into many remote areas for fear of Taliban attacks.
Is this the plan for Iraq after they get their sovereignty? I'm not sure - a large part of the reason this Afghanistan stuff goes unnoticed in the US is precisely because of the war in Iraq. Still, it seems the only time Afghanistan gets any airtime in the news is when a professional football player dies there. And if there were a CNN poll today, probably 70% of the people would say he died in Iraq.

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