Thursday, May 27, 2004



I couldn't have said it better myself. Nicholas D. Kristof's op-ed in the NYTimes yesterday (The Bush and Kerry Tilt) was spot on (for the most part). Basically, Kristof wishes that Kerry would show a little bit more leadership in regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Unfortunately, for the time being it seems that doing so would alienate more voters than it would gain him. Those of us who wish for a more even-handed approach in regards to Israel/Palestine are already not voting for Bush. Kerry, meanwhile, is sort of struggling to define himself as tough on terrorism and a leader on security (the areas where he seems to be furthest behind Bush in the polls) and, unfortunately, much of the American public sees support of Israel as the equivalent of being tough on terror. Again, those that think that's wrong-headed are probably not voting Bush in the first place and a) are going to vote for Kerry despite his Israel/Palestine position or b) wouldn't have voted for Bush OR Kerry in the first place. It's good to see something like this in print, though.

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