Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Scary stuff

It's bad enough that Bernard Lewis is the historian-of-choice for the administration, but at least he's a historian. Reading this article in the Guardian gave me the shivers. Especially:
"It is essential reading," De Atkine wrote. "At the institution where I teach military officers, The Arab Mind forms the basis of my cultural instruction."
It seems that the plan of this administration (and too many Americans in general it seems) is, instead of trying to get as much information as possible to actually educate oneself, find the few fringe materials that support an absolutely ignorant attitude and parading them around as the truth. It's happened here with "the Arab Mind," it has happened with environmental science (see Chris Mooney's piece in the American Prospect), it seemed to happen with evidence of WMDs in Iraq (that trustworthy Ahmed Chalabi, what a guy). Oy vavoy.

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