Monday, May 17, 2004


News from the AIPAC conference

In Haaretz, reports that Tom DeLay and Steny Hoyer want to turn Bush's letter of assurances to Ariel Sharon into US law. Well, minus all the stuff about unilateral withdrawal. So Bush gets egg on his face by making promises that outrage the Arab world and getting nothing in return (Likudniks nix the Gaza pullout plan and now there are reports of the IDF setting up for a major offensive into the Rafah camp), but now these goons are tripping over each other to smear the same egg on their own faces. I'm not sure exactly how US law applies to negotiations between two parties, neither one of which is the US, bordering the US, in the same continent as the US, the same hemisphere as the US. If the US wants to take a certain stance in participating in negotiations thats one thing. If the US wants to refuse to negotiate with certain parties, if it wants to refuse to recognize a Palestinian state (should it ever come into existence), these are reasonable (though in my view counterproductive) tactics in diplomacy. Making Sharon's settlement policy US law is not only counterproductive, its daft and a bit silly. Why don't Tom and Steny try to keep US law to the US.

In other developments, FOXnews and a host of others are touting the discovery of WMDs in Iraq. STOP THE PRESSES: One possible Sarin gas armed artillery shell (that did not successfully detonate) and something about a mustard gas shell found a couple weeks ago that was harmless because of improper storage. The fact that the Fox anchor (Uma Pemmaraju) actually swung it to somebody else "for more information on these deadly developments" (deadly developments? but nobody died! the bombs were ineffective!) is laughable. If anybody tries to trump this up into what we went to war over, I'm going to be pissed. Oh wait, its already happening.

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